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About Last-Second Stringing

Last-Second Stringing is the brainchild of Marc Pasquariello-Williams, a polymath businessman, tennis enthusiast, and father. He first discovered tennis racquet stringing when his daughter was taking tennis lessons at eight years old. Recognizing the necessity of an expertly-strung tennis racquet, and frustrated by long turnaround times at pro shops, Marc began racquet stringing himself. By his daughter’s 19th birthday, Marc had strung over 1,000 racquets. 


Tennis Racquet Stringing Certification

Marc earned his Certified Stringer status from the United States Racket Stringers Association (USRSA) to ensure his technique was on-par with professional racquet stringers, and confirm his technical competence. You can also find his listing on the USRSA directory.


The Hoffman Family Foundation

Marc is in the business of helping people, which is why Last-Second Stringing is purely a philanthropic venture. All proceeds from his racquet stringing service go to benefit the Hoffman Family Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving outreach, healthcare, water sanitation, childhood education, and women’s empowerment for the Kirugu community in Uganda. Since its founding in 2014, the foundation has aided hundreds of families in several countries in Africa. To learn more about the Hoffman Family Foundation’s mission and service, visit their website.